Are You Pregnant? We Will Help You.

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Pregnancy Complications

West Alabama Women’s Center provides miscarriage management for those who have pregnancies that are not progressing. We can evaluate based on cardiac activity and bloodwork and provide medical assistance if the pregnancy is non-viable. We do NOT provide elective abortions.

Contraceptive Options

WAWC offers multiple forms of birth control, including IUDs, and is a Medicaid provider. We expect to offer other insurance coverage in late 2022. We will work with you to ensure you can afford your health services, regardless of your income or insurance status.

Other Health Services

WAWC offers annual exams, prenatal exams and basic health checks with low out of pocket costs, and can even provide some consultations by telemed. To learn more about options, email

Wellness Exams

Need an annual exam?

Want a basic health check in?

Want to confirm a pregnancy and get a basic prenatal exam?

Our doctor visits are $150, with additional costs added if follow up testing is required.

Telemed appointments may be available depending on your medical question. Call to find out!

 To set up an appointment,

call us at

(205) 556-2026

You MUST Contact Us By Phone For An Appointment


How to Protect Patients Now that Abortion is Illegal in Alabama

We are preparing for a post-Roe existence, and that means more contraceptives, more preventative healthcare,
and more treating patients who are having poor pregnancy outcomes but are afraid to go to hospitals for help.
But we can’t do that without your support.
Will you give what you can to our Post-Roe Protection Fund?

Ready to Take Action? Join our Post-Roe Emergency Network


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