Want to make just one trip? We’ve got you!

Do you have an extremely long distance to travel? Or are you concerned about COVID-19 transmission rates in the the Gulf? Whatever your reason for wanting to reduce your clinic appointments from 2 in person visits to one, we are here to help. When calling to schedule, tell the staff you are interested in starting the informed consent process via a secure, private home delivery option.

How it works: If you request informed consent home delivery, our clinic will send your state mandated materials directly to your home, with a direct patient signature required. This ensures you – and only you – are able to accept the package. At the time of your signature, this will then set the clock on your 48-hour waiting period required by Alabama law.

Informed consent packets will be sent out within three days of your initial call, and will be sent via three day shipping. The approximate time from initial call to receipt should be about 5-7 business days. You can book your in clinic appointment at the time of your initial call, allowing ample time for both the materials and the 48 hours to pass prior to your visit, or you can call once you have received your materials and book an appointment at least 48 hours out. The choice is up to you.

This option is best for:

  • Those traveling from a different state
  • Those who are unable to manage scheduling multiple in person clinic visits
  • Those who for any other reason may benefit from a single appointment

Do not chose informed consent by home delivery if:

  • You are seeking a medication abortion and believe you may be more than 9 weeks pregnant
  • You are seeking a procedural abortion and believe are more than 13 weeks pregnant

Advantages to informed consent home delivery include fewer office visits, lower travel expenses, and easier scheduling.

Disadvantages are an additional upfront cost for shipping (approximately $10 per package depending on the speed in which you want it delivered), the potential for lost consent packages, which may delay care, more time at the clinic on the day of your appointment as your ultrasound, counseling and procedure will all be done during this visit, and the possibility of a pregnancy being too advanced for the type of procedure you initially wanted due to mailing delays.

Additional information: If you have the ability to have an ultrasound before booking your appointment to know how far along you are, that can be helpful to ensure your care is catered to you and your health care decisions. This is not necessary, however, as we will perform an ultrasound during your visit as well.